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Blogtember: A “life lately” post. What you’re up to, how you’re feeling, how you’re doing on your goals, etc.

This week, Osa turned 4. 🙂 If you recall, I had saved a pup-pie for this very occasion! So along with her Bark Box, Osa shared a birthday “pie” with Sam.

It took a few shots to get Osa’s face out of that box. The first thing she went for was a chew stick. And they thoroughly enjoy the treats!

Osa has been such a sweetheart with Rory. At first I was a bit worried because of her history, but she is pretty calm around Rory, and apparently is showing some momma tendencies. Too cute.

[by the way, Osa and I entered a contest. I’m not sure how the winner is chosen, but you should definitely “like” our photo if you haven’t already!]


Along with Osa’s little celebration, Daniel and I went to see Depeche Mode the other night. I mean, we did dance to “Shake the Disease” at our wedding… 🙂

Before making the one hour trek to the concert venue, I visited Megan of Greetings from Texas. She had a book signing over at Langford Market.

I went straight from work. Can you tell? College T-shirt day. 🙂

Though I’ve seen Megan quite a few times since I read her book, I kept forgetting to have her sign it! When I heard she was having another soiree I was pretty excited. If you haven’t read it, please do. She’s hilarious!


This week has been so busy, but pretty rad. Daniel and I were able to spend time together, I hung out with my sister, there’s been progress with Rory and the pups, and the championship bout is this weekend!

Hmm…goal-wise I’m doing okay.
-I’ve been building my strength through CrossFit for a year now and definitely see progress in my derby life [but need to work on the diet part].
-Budgeting is going very well! I’m actually rewarding myself next week. 🙂
-I’ve been “writing” a lot more lately! And even purchased a book on how to improve.
-New goal…MORE SLEEP.

And with that, goodnight. 🙂




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