Blogtember: Afraid

Blogtember:  A story about a time you were very afraid.
You remember those times when you were little? Or maybe even recently? Those moments when you are almost asleep…and randomly think, “What would I do if my parents died?” And then of course end up in tears because a) what *would* you do??? and b) how could you even think that!
I still have those thoughts as I’m drifting into sleep. Only now the “victim[s]” alternate between my parents and Daniel. What would I have done if I had lost him?
The first 24 hours of the whole incident are a blur. I remember arriving at the hospital after receiving a phone call from the medic. I remember tweeting [is that crazy??] because I just needed it out there: Please be okay. I remember the emergency room, and the stranger that hugged me. I remember Daniel’s blood smeared face as he mouthed I’m sorry. I remember the ER nurse losing her patience and thrusting the barf bag at me: “This is your job now.” I remember almost fainting. I remember Daniel’s parents arriving…everything else is fuzzy. A blur of tears and worry. And no sleep.
Head injuries are intense because nobody can tell you right away what is going on. We spent almost 3 weeks in the hospital and everything changed every day.
Daniel is amazing, though. He kept his sense of humor up until the last few days. Most of the time he was making everyone laugh. Sometimes, though, he would get too tired from visitors [he LOVED visitors] and forget who people were…or start saying random things that didn’t make sense. That’s when you knew he needed rest. That’s when it was scariest.
His family and I alternated spending the night in the ICU. One night he woke up and forgot who I was. 
He kept calling me “little girl.” A night nurse came in to check on him and it took all the strength in me not to cry. A few hours passed and he winked at me. He was back. 🙂
It’s funny, everyone thought Daniel would surely propose after all of this was over. But if they really knew him, they’d know he doesn’t like to do what people expect of him. He did tell me eventually, that he already knew he wanted to marry me. 🙂

I’m glad I didn’t have to figure out what I’d do without Daniel. I’m glad he is okay. I’m glad to have someone around that can reach the top shelf. 😉



  1. What a nightmare! I'm glad he pulled through, and remained the same guy (head injuries, as you know, can have permanent, personalty-altering affects). And also that, clearly, your relationship was strengthened because of it.

  2. Holy goosebumps and holy CRAP! That is so scary!! I am so glad he is okay and that you two have your happy ever after. Hugs to you both! xo

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