What I Wore – The End of Summer

Oh geez. It’s seriously the *end* of summer.
Insert sob face HERE!!
But really, it’s been quite an adventurous break. I look forward to my routines, continuing with my fitness, and to saying “no” more often so that I might have some free time. 🙂

Speaking of “fitness” – I’ve been posting on Instagram lately about the progress I’ve made with my workouts. I’ve been attending rollerderby practices 3-4 times a week for 3 years now. My body became accustomed to this routine…I noticed I was gaining weight back about a year ago, which is when I stepped it up and joined CrossFit.
My legs have been pretty beastly for a while thanks to rollerderby. But my entire torso/upper body wasn’t getting as much work as it needed. I’ve been completely amazed by the progress I’ve been making with CrossFit…and I feel like I only recently noticed it [after I finally did a pull-up!].
My weakness: FOOD.
I can’t seem to keep a stable diet.
Before the wedding, I spent a couple months on the Revolt Now Fitness plan. It worked wonders! Time to get back on it…now that we are back to the routine on Monday!
I will also admit that continuously working on myself has drastically improved my self-esteem. Joining rollerderby empowered me. Joining CrossFit made me feel okay in a bathing suit…sometimes [as opposed to NEVER]. Granted as soon as I have to take a break [vacation, etc] I spiral into “ew, I feel gross.” Haha 🙂
What I Wore:

Damian Sleeveless Collared Blouse
via StitchFix

Shorts: Billabong [via boutique in Hawaii]
Shoes: Wanted via ModCloth
Wanderlust Necklace: I Adorn U
Sunglasses: BonLook
Bag: Sash  [see review HERE]
What are your routines? Any tips that can help with stronger abs? 🙂



  1. You look great, those sunnies are awesome! All the blog I read are sad about ending summer… come on over to Australia, we're just about to start the 7 month summer! :p

    I love doing bicycle crunches and classes at my gym for my abs! Good luck with your fitness goals!

    xo Becky

  2. Your pull-ups are so awesome! That's one of my goals for this year and I'm able to about two neutral pull-ups with no help (my husband helps me hit 5 reps).

    From strong abs, plank (and all the varieties, like single-arm, up-down, etc) and side plank are incredible. With side plank, once you can do 60 seconds, start adding dumbbells and hold it in your free arm. Also, my new favorite ab work are weighed pull-ins with a 10lbs plate, Russian twists w/10lbs plate, and leg raises to reverse crunch with shoulders off the ground.

  3. Woah, I give you so many kudos for doing Crossfit on top of all those derby practices!! I have a hard time sticking with my workout DVD because I find myself sore at derby. Maybe I should try just sticking with upper body stuff 🙂

    Yay for pull ups! Really neat bag, too!

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