In Writing

Good evening! Or good morning. 🙂
I’ve decided to take a few minutes out of my life once a week to type. Just….type.
It’s been a lot tougher getting into the old work groove this school year. It may have to do with my recent honeymoon. Seriously! I just keep imagining myself laying by the pool…sipping’ a frozen coconut mojito.
Le sigh.
What do you miss most about summer?
We had our final official training session with Osa this last weekend. She can now fetch a beer from the refrigerator. NO JOKE! I think we will still schedule a lesson here and there. Osa thrives on the attention and works really hard. 🙂 The sessions and extra walks have been working out really well. We don’t let her near other dogs, but when it’s inevitable, we keep her muzzle on, or stay nearby and alert. Penny and Sam appear to be her only friends. At least she has friends! 🙂
[Read about our Osa challenges here]
You know what isn’t fun?? Injuries. I hurt my shoulder pretty bad at the last roller derby bout. After googling what it might be, and freaking out for a week, the pain subsided. WOO! But after a couple days of CrossFit, a subtle pain returned! Help! No fair!
Though I have always been pretty active, for the first time in my life, I consider myself an “athlete.” I guess these are the woes that come with that title!
A couple friends of mine recommended a chiropractor – what do you think?
In bed with Osita. Sleepy time!




  1. I want to go lay by a pool too! Sounds so nice!

    I love going to the chiropractor. Unfortunately, it's not covered by our insurance, but man, it's awesome! Feel so much better when I go.
    Just so you know, they will probably have you go once or twice a week for a month or two to fix the problem. It's not normally a one-time thing. Worth it though!

  2. If it's your shoulder it might actually just be muscular which a good physiotherapist will do wonders for. Definitely get it checked out though. A physio can also help you strap it for added support at trainings or bouts for stability.

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