I visited my in-laws [so weird to say] a couple weeks ago. They live a few hours away. I can’t always make the trip with Daniel, so it’s a nice treat when I am able. ๐Ÿ™‚
Daniel’s parents and sister are all volunteer firefighters, so sometimes I get to see and do fun things. ๐Ÿ™‚
Sampson has always been terrified of fireworks and thunder. When we leave him alone he either chews stuff up, scratches up a door trying to hide…etc. This year we decided to bring him with us. Daniel was pretty nervous, but we were at a family friend’s place and could take him inside if need be. It worked out really well. The fireworks were far enough away to wear it wasn’t very loud, and Sam was distracted by some leftover cobbler. I’ve heard of a thunder shirts – does anyone have any experience with them?
Things are dogs are not afraid of?? Swimming!
Sampson LOVES the water, and now Osa isn’t afraid either. Hooray!
oh, summer.



  1. We got a thunder shirt for our dog and it was an epic fail. So we went to the vet and got her some doggy downers, which we only use when big thunderstorms are going to roll through. Fireworks don't last enough for us to get worked up about it. She usually just runs around and barks her head off. She used to destroy stuff, but she seems to be mostly over that.

  2. Yes, I use a thunder shirt on my dog whenever it storms or if there are fireworks. It works great but only if you put in on tight enough. You almost think you are putting it on too tight but that is what makes them not so fearful. My dog sees me get it out when the weather or fireworks scare him and he comes right to me and seems glad to put it on.

  3. Love thunder shirts. Worked well for my dog's social anxiety but like Anonymous said, they have to be pretty tight.

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