kauai honeymoon pt4

This is seriously my favorite of the 4 honeymoon posts! Because it features in/under water photos with my new Olympus Tough.

 Can you spot the sea turtle?? 🙂
Frozen Coconut Mojito strikes again!
Although we only saw sea turtles from afar, it was amazing. We stood near a rocky cove and watched as several of them were tossed among the waves. They never seemed to lose control. Some of them appeared to be surfing. I wish I had seen one up close!
The day we saw 2 monk seals was amazing. We weren’t allowed to get too close because they have been known to attack – but watching the ease with which they swam from one end of the beach cove to another was beautiful. Although inch-worming onto dry land for a nap was kind of awkward and hilarious. 🙂
And then the fishies! The last day we snorkeled there were a couple fish that were super curious. They swam around my legs and in my face – making it really easy to get photographs.
Not pictured: anytime someone had a dog…and I’d run up and pet them.
Most days ended with Daniel and I lounging by the pool reading and drinking yummy things. What a wonderful routine, indeed.



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