rehearsal dinner

 We had our rehearsal indoors because of the rain. It let up just before the wedding the next day. The ground was wet but the skies were beautiful. 🙂

 This is what they were looking at. 🙂

Afterwards we were all shuttled to Ellerbe. So delicious.
My favorite is the decor…all the glasses and little vases.
Because my sister had graduated earlier in the day, I didn’t want to overshadow her accomplishments. My parents bought her a tooth cake!
I finally put my camera down and let my pal Bonnie take the reigns. Had to get used to that. 🙂
Can you spot her??



  1. Aww how lovely! I am so glad you handed your camera over to a friend – that is something that I wish I did on our rehearsal dinner day. I have 0 photos from that evening even though I brought my camera!

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