shooting into the sun

Bonnie asked the plane’s owner to turn it around so she was facing the sun. He was pretty surprised.
“You shoot into the sun??” I was also curious as to how that would turn out, but let the record show that I did not doubt her. Wowza.
That night, we stopped in our hotel room for a few minutes before meeting up with some friends. Daniel stared at me while I lay down for a bit. My brain was exhausted.
“Can you believe how lucky we are??” 
It’s true. We are incredibly lucky. Our families bent over backwards to help us get everything ready in just 4 months. My sister worked her butt off on a successful shower, and an even more successful bachelorette party. My new sister helped me from afar by hooking me up with one of the most amazing florists EVER. And the bakery…yum.
My only regret is that I didn’t get to spend as much time with my friends and family as I had hoped. Every moment was consumed by a task. Yes, the night went by quickly, but I wouldn’t call it a blur. Thank goodness I have so many friends who are as obsessed with photographs as I am. The next day, as Sandy drove us back to Houston, I spent hours looking at the photos my friends and family had posted. I was able to relive the night! It was amazing. I can’t wait to see the introductions. That was one of the most surprisingly amazing moments of the night.
What may have made it even more amazing was the fact that I was completely unaware that everyone was planning to do sports-like intros. Daniel had thrown the idea around, but in my head, it didn’t flow well. It was a huge success! My uncle, who is very hard to please, even said it was the best part of the whole sha-bang.
Is it cheesy to say I went into this whole wedding business shooting into the sun? I couldn’t truly see the end result – I had no experience in these matters at all. I had multiple “melt downs” – maybe an inkling of a bridezilla moment…but wowza. That was a fun wedding. Seriously. Wish you could have been there. 🙂
The Beckers



  1. It was extremely fun and beautiful!! Me alegra poder haber sido testigo de ello. Muchas felicidades a ambos 🙂

  2. CCONGRATULATIONS!!! You were a beautiful bride! It's so good that you had so much fun and you enjoyed every minute of it!

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