Surprise, surprise, I am posting about this dang puppy. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you follow me via Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or Facebook….all you have seen in the past 24 hours is PUPPY. A friend/co-worker of mine saved this puppers when she ran into the building yesterday morning. My dearest friend Maria picked her up from my work and puppysat all day – what a GEM.
She and I bathed little nameless pup – and oh geez. I’m not sure if she’s ever experienced a bath before, if the water was too cold, or if it stung her raw skin [allergies? dry skin?], but she screamed bloody murder! The neighbors probably thought we were having puppy stew for dinner.
Then we slathered her up in coconut oil, because MMMM puppy stew with a dash of coconut?! her poor skin is so dry!
I had my jeans rolled up from bathing her – don’t judge! ๐Ÿ™‚
Daniel and I currently live with 3 dogs. This one seems like she’s going to be kinda big…and I’m not sure we could afford to feed another large dog. Oh, how I want to keep her.
When she passed out on my belly last night, my heart kind of melted.
Maybe one day I can open/run a doggie daycare/shelter. For now I just hope I can find her a home soon. Le sigh.
What a sweetheart.




  1. Oh my gosh that puppy is just amazing! I want to squish its face so bad! (But you know, in a good, non-harmful way, of course)

  2. How dang adorable! She looks like a puppy version of what our old sharpei rott mix, Maddy, used to look like.

  3. Oh my goodness. So cute, so glad you're looking after her. Good luck finding her a home!

    I work at a farm animal sanctuary and we get a lot of dogs and cats dumped out front, that's where my Jacob and Olive came from.

  4. She is so sweet! And poor baby in the bath.

    Still hoping she finds a home soooon! She is too cute to stay homeless for long. ;]

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