cocktail Q

I’m not a big drinker, but I enjoy partaking every once in a while. There’s just one problem…I don’t have a favorite drink. I don’t have a drink, period.
Back in college I didn’t care. It was all Long Island Iced Teas for me! [ew.]
Amaretto Sour! [gross]
But now, as a “grown up,” when anyone asks me what I’d like: “Um, what are you ordering?” Or I will just repeat things I’ve heard: “Jack&Coke,” “Rum&Diet,” “Vodka Tonic.”
Usually it’s just easier to stick to beer, but it’s *so* filling – I need more options!
So – what do you like to drink? Is it sweet or sour?
Please share. 🙂
My thoughts are with the victims of the Boston Marathon today, and anyone else effected by the events that went on yesterday…
You don’t need to be a “runner” to feel horrified and disappointed in humanity.
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  1. My drink is a screwdriver. Vodka and Orange juice. It's tasty and potent, but not too filling. You can also make it more or less strong by the Oj to Vodka ratio.

  2. I'm more of a beer drinker, mainly because beer is cheaper than liquor drinks… BUT I love margaritas (on the rocks with salt), Fuzzy Navel, Peach Lemonade (SoCo, peach puree, schnapps, lemonade. It's from a local resturant here Lucky 32), and Mellow Mushroom has some tasty cocktails that I of course can't remember all of a sudden…..

  3. I used to allllllllllllways drink gin & tonics. Sometimes switch it up & have a gin & 7(up). Then I started just drinking beer. & now I mostly just drink beer… haha. Sometimes wine, but I never order wine while I'm out (unless I'm in Europe. 😉 Or they have one of those things where you get 3 glasses of different wines… haha y'know, a flight or something? Man, I am so sophisticated… ha!) I'll just drink it when I'm at a party or something.

    So… this was no help! Haha. G&Ts are good, though! Mmm, lime.

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