What I Wore – roadtrippin’

week, Daniel and I made the trek to Cresson, TX to take care of some
wedding things. It’s a 4.5 hour drive, so I like to dress comfortably….tights it is! 🙂 And since half the trip was around
nightfall, this nearsighted gal needed her glasses. I have self-diagnosed myself with night blindness. 😛
Because of the boom in trendy glasses I have taken to wearing mine during the day, as an accessory.
Sometimes my face just doesn’t seem right without ’em.
I recently ordered a pair of Firmoo frames and have been pretty dang pleased! Selecting my glasses was fun [I tend to browse the large frames] and my prescription was handy from the last pair I ordered. 🙂
The best, and most surprising, part? Along with the frames and prescription lenses, I received a case, sleeve, wipe, and mini screw driver with replacement screws. How thoughtful is that??
If you are interested in giving Firmoo a go, your first pair [prescription included!] is free.
Glasses: Firmoo
Necklace: Robo Roku
Lipstick: MAC in Russian Red
Boots: Shoemint
Tights: Langford Market
Top: Bullhead Black CA Trading Co. via PacSun
Belt: Boutique in Miami, FL

p.s. you still have time to enter the $75 GC giveaway!

*this is a sponsored post*



  1. Gorgeous, love those frames and that red lipstick on you. I have trouble finding a red that looks good with my skin tone. Ugh, jealous right now. Pretty lady!


  2. I am loving all your lip color experiments. Since I generally see you with more nude ones, I hope you go with some of the color you've been trying for the wedding. This one is lovely. 🙂 And see, I'm the third person to notice!

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