texan explorations

On the way home from Cresson, TX, Daniel decided to take the scenic route. Scenic because we drove through a variety of tiny Texas towns, giant fields of cows, farms, and this abandoned Renaissance Fair.

If you are a long-time reader of ye olde blogge, you might recall that Daniel and I thoroughly enjoy exploring abandoned theme parks. To our disappointment, this Renaissance Fair is only temporarily abandoned. Apparently they were open in November 2012 and will open back up in June 2013. But really?? I’m kind of amazed at how dilapidated the entire establishment is already. Thank goodness we didn’t google the place until after our explorations. It was so creepy…and we thought maybe there’d be zombies squatters, so Daniel and I kept our voices to a whisper. It also kept us from stealing any cool little trinkets. Probably for the best. 🙂



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  1. I recently explored my first abandoned theme park and I am hooked! It's so thrilling! I didn't realize it was a thing for you two! Can't wait to see more of your finds 🙂

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