something blue

Something blue is ME! Okay, not so much blue as…orange? What is the color for freaking out? Because that is me.
A couple days ago I decided to go wedding dress “browsing” with my mom. I really did not want to go into this bridal store.
I already knew it wasn’t *me,* but we went in anyway.
And then there was a consultant, and a bra/corset thing, and a petticoat, and layers, and things, and UGH. This is where the freak out begins. While the consultant was fetching dresses, I ran to the bathroom for a good cry. I didn’t want to be there, but I didn’t want to be rude. I sucked it up, a tear slipped out every now and then, the consultant hugged me, and I tried on whatever plaster-of-paris-like dress was presented. I did have the lady list a couple dresses in my file. They will be my “just in case” dresses. Surprisingly I didn’t mind the more form fitting [shorter] number. My mom hated it. But I liked the style.
This is not the dress. This is just me. Being miserable.
And apparently my style is considered “modest.” Which I guess is true.
I want sleeves.
And I don’t like cleavage.
But I do want a shorter gown. Shorter than that. ^
Dream Dress:
Dearest Dream Dress,
Where did you come from??



  1. Just in case you didn't know, you can actually add sleeves to any dress in alterations. that's what I did. I didn't want strapless either

  2. hahahahahaha I'm glad we're the same on wedding dress shopping!
    I ended up getting this dress, and after the wedding I plan on getting it shortened to tea length:
    I'm going to have a bolero to attach to it, to keep it up (no boobs) and cover more skin.
    I know you want sleeves, but you might consider just doing a bolero over your dress–means you have more dress options.
    Anyhow, you might look at the bridesmaid dresses here because you can get them in ivory or white, which is what I did. They're cheaper and more comfortable than real wedding dresses and with a bolero you can have sleeves!

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who stressed about the dress! We're actually having two ceremonies and I found my white dress lickety-split no problem, but the Hindu dress was definitely a struggle. Hang in there and when you find something your style you'll feel SO much better. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the dresses at David's Bridal.

  4. Have you checked out Nordstrom Weddings? They're really pushing their new line of dresses…..also, you may be able to have a dress custom-made, given that you have pics of what you want. My friend Lori made the wedding dress for my friend Ruth, after Ruth had one too many freakouts herself, not being able to find what she wanted. It turned out better (and cheaper) than any 'off the rack' gown!
    Just a thought. Good luck!

  5. oh my gosh I'm right there with you lady. I went to David's Bridal and it was AWFUL! the neon lights. the corset. the pins to hold the dress tight….. ugh. I am NOT a wedding gown lover. I found a lot that I like just by searching short wedding dresses on Etsy. Haven't found that perfect one yet though.

  6. MODESTY FOR THE WIN!!!! Type "modest tea length wedding dress" into Google. There are a plethora of options (not the lovely frock above, sadly) available. Even if you don't find your dream dress online it should point you in the direction of shops in your area that cater to a more modest clientele. Sidebar, I bought my super simple, cap sleeve, tea length wedding dress from J. Crew, on sale, in the bridesmaid section. You will find your dream dress, don't be blue!

  7. Oh-my…. I had a nearly duplicate experience when I went dress shopping for my special day at the big-box-wedding-dress-store… After this experience I was weighing the pros and cons of making my own dress when I found a beautiful vintage dress at a local consignment shop! It had full sleeves, no cleavage, fit like a dream, and only put me back $50! Don't loose hope- there's a dress out there for you!

  8. So tough, this wedding dress thing. I wanted a no-frills dress that wasn't strapless. No lace. No crap. No millions of beads or feathers or giant poufs. Should be easy, I said. Oh, wait–dresses that are simple cost more money than ones that look like Las Vegas?? Great.

    It's a process, and I think it's great that you have a style you want and know yourself. That will help. And also make it hard. I think that you should trust your judgement, and then randomly try on dresses that don't seem like you, just to see. I was surprised by how a few looked when I put them on, even though they were totally in my NO category on the rack. Also, finding somewhere that has seamstresses and such can help you if a dress would be great, but needs a different length. I've already told you I did Venturas, and the dress I loved was strapless, and I was adamantly no, so I requested straps and specific straps and they made them for me. And cut off some hideous bow that the dress inexplicably had on the butt. THE BUTT!

    Love the wedding posts. 🙂

  9. Wah! I'm sorry to hear you had such a terrible experience. I went to Ventura's Bridal, like Kiki! I was so overwhelmed when I went in at first, and I was really disappointed with a lot of the styles I saw.. I felt like I was going to have to settle for something. When I finally found a dress I LOVED, I saw it was $800 over my budget..and the consultant (her name is Cris, in case you decide to give another salon a go) said she could find a dress VERY similar but for the price I was looking for…and it was the first dress I tried on and I loved it. I tried on 6 and the only one that came close had removeable straps (because I didn't want a sleeveless either. 🙂 Team sleeves!) I hope your next dress experience will be much more pleasant.

    Here are a couple of sites to check out too if you are feeling up to looking.

  10. Oh! I am sorry you were feeling blue and orange! What an un-pretty combination of events!

    You know, you can tell when a place just isn't 'you', even though everyone else at the time might think that that's just the way things are done! But sometimes it's good go to with it, just to really prove to yourself that you were right! (and you were, that dress up there, that is NOT your dress!)

    Hopefully when you do come across the dream dress you will have such a magical time finding it that this will all seem like a distant nightmare!

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