I get sick about once every two years. It’s pretty impressive, and also frustrating. I’m constantly longing for an actual sick day. Not one that I use because I am going on vacation and have to wake up early on said vacation. [That’s public knowledge, BTW.]
SO, I got sick. When this occurs, it’s my body’s way of saying, “Hey, Roxy. CHILL OUT.” So I did. I slept in a bit and then visited the doctor. And flipped through a wedding magazine.
And also accomplished a couple other wedding tasks once I was injected with cold fighting things! Or just an allergy shot. 🙂 So maybe I didn’t chill out hardcore to the max, but hey, I went to work the next day…and then roller derby practice…. Now time to rest!!



  1. I sorry you sicky! Glad you are now better and that you got to have Super Feisty at practice. 🙂

  2. Eh, being "cold" kind of sick is the worst! But it's impressive that you can read your own body so well and know how to take care of yourself. Glad you're on the up!

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