colorado traditions

This was only our third trip to Winter Park, but I love me some good traditions.
Traditionally, upon our arrival into Denver, we drive up to Idaho Springs for some delicious Beau Jo’s pizza and beer.
About an hour or so later, we arrive in Fraser, neighbor to Winter Park, and unwind.
Usually our methods of relaxation [post-travel] involve staring into Ipad abyss, but every once in a while we’ll go explore. Or play in the snow. Or nap in it?? 🙂
One of my favorite “traditions” is meeting any neighborhood dog that happens to cross my path.
*SO* many adorable and friendly dogs in Fraser Valley!
Another occurrence of which I am hoping for several repeats…fox spotting!
I saw two this trip, and caught a glimpse of a coyote!
Pretty sweet.
pardon the low quality cell pic
Lastly, dinner at Azteca’s. YUM.
Handmade Margaritas for the win.
Oh, and snowboarding is mixed in there, too.
Those photos are on a separate, more slope friendly, camera.
Will fish those out soon. 🙂



  1. your trip looks like fun! how cool that you got to see a fox and a coyote. 🙂 i need to get back to colorado soon!

  2. stunning pictures, we are frenchies we meant to be sent to denver but it not gonna happen in the end, what a shame !

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