What I Wore…Winters in Miami

There were a couple chilly nights during my week in Miami…but overall…it was warm. Most of my luggage consisted of presents! So I repeated a lot of things. Such as – the boots. And either these shorts or a jean skirt. 🙂
I’m not very good at “remixing” outfits, but I am going to keep trying in order to save some money.
Do you have any tricks? I’ve seen a lot of layering…
Stacking Rings: Reigruche Studio
Boots: Shoemint
Top: Edu Fashions
Shorts: somewhere…a long time ago… 🙂
Wanna see another jump? Sure you do!
That’s my cousin Ely. I spent pretty much every day of my trip with she and her hubs. She has issues with jumping, but we still love her.
Oh, and the Jeep is theirs. 🙂
Skirt: Sisley



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