surprise roadtrip

It’s been a while since Daniel and I have hit the road together. Because of the dogs, along with other obligations, we tend to take our trips one at a time. This past weekend we surprised an old friend from high school.

Have you heard of Cinemagram? I’m kind of obsessed with it lately. My favorite gif I made is the kitty below. 🙂 I like to think I’ve got an eye for photography…but making a “cine” kinda makes your brain work a different way.
 While in Austin, we hit up Austin Books and Comics, per Daniel’s reqeust. They’ve got a giant hulk statue – pretty freaky! And their bathroom is pretty nifty, too.
Not sure if you’ve noticed my “foxweek” hashtag on Insta…a friend of mine “challenged” me to wear foxy things for the whole week before my birthday.




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