My grandma usually makes most of the main meals when I’m in town. My aunt’s “tradition” of sorts is preparing the salad. And it always looks delicious. Not sure how she slices those cucumbers so thin…but I always end up eating over half of them from the bowl. 🙂
The pizza was my last meal in Miami – my cousin-in-law [however that works…] made it. And I am *so* craving a few slices right now. And for the record, tofurky pepperoni is drool-worthy by itself, too.
Christmas eve prep. My sister likes to joke that I am a troll. So I gave her a lovely troll face!
And how amazing is her hair??
Marshmallows from Beca of Tumbleweeds. I sliced them up and drank them in hot chocolate. It added a hint of peppermint…so good. Why do I keep posting photos of food I can’t have anymore?!
[Biggest loser competition back in sesh!]
Torture. Why.
I leave you with a non-food related photograph.
Gramps! Love this man. He still dances, jokes, acts like a goof. But don’t let that lovely fool you. He’s a tough dude.



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