What I Wore…Foxes and Pitbulls

While I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago, I creeped a photo of a girl wearing this shirt. Then I stumbled upon it as I was creeping someone’s fox leggings.
SO I CREEP. ohh i, ohhh i, ohh i… 🙂
It’s sad how little self control I have. Definitely a New Year’s Resolution.
Oh, yes, we’re bringing those up.
Who doesn’t have at least one resolution involving their health/weight, by the way? We recently started “The Biggest Loser” at work. Instead of a strictly individual competition, it’s primarily team based, with one individual winner at the very end. I’d like to lose 10 pounds, which is still a normal weight for me! It puts me back around my post-college number, which is still a very healthy weight for a wee person such as myself. Plus, I made it to 8 last year. Ya boiiii.
“Oh em gee! Oncoming traffic!”
Smoochiegoochie for the poochie.
Skirt: Loft
If you are trying to shed some pounds, or plan to after all the holiday grub, I really like the Lose It app! You can list your food intake and exercise and it figures your net calories [over or under] based on your goal weight.



  1. Go Roxy! 🙂 I'm also trying to lose weight and have been using MyFitnessPal…it's hard here in the winter with it being cold and rainy. Also, more importantly, I love love love that shirt and the pics of you and your pit smooching in the street.

  2. Absolutely love your shirt, it's so cute! And you are too! I use My Fitness Pal mostly to get a hold of my sugar/salt/and fat intake because during the holidays, it can be excessive!

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