What I Wore…Winter Weather!

Thanks to all of my friends and readers for putting up with my bouts of sadness these past few weeks. Things will be looking up soon! Thanksgiving break is upon us. 🙂
I’ve already got fun activities on the agenda. Watch out Spring Cleaning! Fall Cleaning is out to get you. And make sure to check out the “Shop my Closet” before I set it loose on Ebay and Etsy. Hopefully I can part with a few things.
Dress: Boutique in Barcelona, Spain
Tights: Macy’s
[um, have you seen their latest boot collection??? SWOON.]
Necklace: Gift 
I can’t wait to lay around, catching up on my reading.
Currently: Days of Blood and Starlight.
[Kiki and I are going to their book signing tomorrow! Yay!!]
Also on the agenda? A couple DIYs…maybe some cooking! Oh, and catching
up on my CrossFit. My schedule has been interrupting my works out quite
a bit… 
Do you have a few days off for Thanksgiving? What do you have planned?



  1. I adore your tights! Gorgeous! I am lucky enough to have a boss who loves Thanksgiving as much as I do and closes the office for a long weekend! I get Wednesday through Sunday completely off! Catching up on reading sounds like a lovely idea to me too.

  2. Okay, I've missed the bouts of sadness. Does that mean it's because when we talk you're really happy? Oh, wait–we've talked about SOME sad stuff. But we're still having lots of fun that made me forget it. Does this make me a bad or good friend? Hm.

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