What I Wore…foxy goldens

 I made this photo my profile picture on Facebook. My friend, Kiki, immediately commented, “You kiss dogs.”
[in a very non-judgey way!]
Oh yes, I definitely do. Sometimes I wonder if strangers will get offended when I lay a big ol’ kiss on their dog’s head.
I love dogs [and animals in general] so much that I even dedicated a whole section of my blog to “dogs.”
And no offense to any non-dog/animal lovers, but you can really tell a
lot about a person from how they interact with four-legged friends.
 Some of my friends call me a “dog whisperer.” It’s not true, I’m just a huge fan. And dogs can sense it. Sure, I can train my own, but when meeting someone else’s pooch, they’re all over me. As in, staking their claim. And I don’t care! haha But Daniel is the real whisperer. They treat him like the pack leader and follow him around. He is more overwhelmed by the number of dogs in the house [currently four] because they are constantly at his side. Or pressing against him as he sleeps. And then there’s me…following them around, begging for the kisses they freely give Daniel. 🙂
[there may be some exaggeration in that last statement. let’s face it, buster definitely instigates the kisses! and sam is a tease. just look at that first photo!]
 By the way, I finished reading Every Day and have moved onto Bitterblue. Reading is awesome.
Also? I realize a lot of people hate Uggs, and maybe they aren’t the best choice in fashion footwear… But there are some mornings when it’s just a little bit hard to get out of bed, and you just gotta keep a bit of the warmth and comfort around your toes. 🙂
Outfit deets
Sweater&Headband: Nordstrom
Skirt: Anthropologie
Boots: Ugg



  1. Yes yes yes to this, I love dogs (& pretty much all animals) & think you can definitely judge a person by how they are with animals! x

  2. The way you feel about uggs I feel about leggings! I can't stand when people wear leggings with short shirts in public, but I always do it at home in the mornings!

  3. Such a perfect outfit. That skirt, whoa girl! LOVE IT. Also, dogs and animals in general are amazing. I absolutely love pooches, despite the fact that we don't own one – but we live with three! I've always been an animal lover and I consider myself a crazy cat lady. ;P

    And back to the outfit again, it's truly so perfect. Also, I hate when people diss Uggs. They are so cute and look so comfy!

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