Quarter Life Crisis

I was recently going through an old journal. I had made one of those lists of “things to do before you turn…” a certain age [ahem…30…cough…gag]. “Updating my hair” is my main focus this week.
Other, much cooler and profound items, include:
1. explore a small town [CHECK]
2. work on my friendships [CHECK]
3. drop 10 lbs [maybe eventually…]
4. develop a workout routine [CHECK]
5. revamp my house [it’s a process!]
6. road trip [CHECK and check BUT I WANT MORE]
7. garage sale [workin’ on it]
8. walk the dogs more/take them to the park [CHECKish]
9. support an organization i am passionate about [CHECK]
and a lot of etc I am “working on.”
[sew an outfit, new ideas for shop, etc!]

I’m kind of glad that 30 is the new 20. At least in some respects.
HA! did you see where I found that article??? IRONY.
This post, opposing the sentiment I am clinging to with my wrinkly old lady hands, kind of makes me feel okay, though.
But I still don’t feel like a responsible adult. 🙂

And I certainly don’t act like one!

p.s. The bear hat is by katastrophic from my friend Renee. 🙂



  1. 30 is great! 35 on the other hand…yuck! I may actually have to start dyeing my hair not for fun, but because there are too many gray hairs to pluck. Sigh. You've done tons on your list! Let's make a longer list and do some road trips together! (Said the lady with 2.5 kids…I'll find a sitter.)

  2. Love the green! That's about what I want my hair color to be.

    Lol, I wish I had color changing glasses in real life.

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