derby all the time

Meet Patti Painz and Acu PUNCH her. We flew to Atlanta, Georgia to watch some ROLLER DERBY. 🙂
Punch mostly swooned and drooled the entire weekend. Over multiple derby girls from multiple teams.
By the time the last after party rolled around, she may or may not have infected me with derby sickness. There was a lot of dancing…and a lot of awkward photos with derby girls.
But you have to be my facebook friend to get a glimpse of those! 😉



  1. Looks so much fun! I'm having my first roller-skating lesson tomorrow… maybe one day I'll be good enough to be a derby girl!

  2. I spent some time a couple of years ago going to roller derby bouts, I'm going to have to get back into it… that was so much fun!

  3. Oh Gosh… please post more photos from Champs!
    Considering I am in Australia and would have had to wake up at ungodly hours to watch the bouts live, I will relive it all through archived played backs and photos!
    Getting to see the Gotham Girls and LA Derby Dolls when they come downunder to play banked track! Super pumped!
    Loving the shot of Demanda Riot… her and Jackie Daniels are coming to coach us while down here for Roller Con and they're staying with one of my team mates! Super jealous!! 🙂

  4. I love reading your blog!! I mostly read while at my desk, while I'm supposed to be…. um well… working.

    I am a also a Derby Girl… But from NY. I have major derby envy!! Good luck to you in your upcoming season! I love to see what other people in the sport are doing out there!! Derby love.

  5. I LOVE reading your derby posts. I was in a team here in England for a while but it fell apart and I can't get to any other local ones now 🙁 Every time I read one of these posts I get that derby feeling! I LOVE seeing all the american teams too, I love the face paint and glittery helmets and everything else fabulous! And those banked tracks…. oooof! One day.

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