what i wore…comfort level optimal

 As previously mentioned, mornings have been quite lovely here in Houston. It’s strange how weather alone makes me long for a new beginning. Starting over in a new town, somewhere up north where the weather is nice and my hair isn’t frizzy. 🙂
 But then there are the comforts of routine. My job, wonderful co-workers, league-mates, good friends…familiarity.
Oh, Houston.
 Work wear on the left; After-work change on the right.
Corduroys: Ann Taylor LOFT
Booties: gift from Spain

“Oooo! Lip gloss!”

Shorts: Pac Sun
Plain black tee: gift
Headband: Nordstrom
Bag: gift [vintage]
Maybe one day, when the time is right, a new beginning will be just what I need.
Until then, have fun starting at my giant head of frizzles. 🙂



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