Vlog Fail :)

This video was supposed to be a vlog. But I am so horrible at vlogging. A few years ago I gave it a try…and it was quite awkward.

I’d like to attempt another vlog. But I’d rather not drone on about my day, etc. Do you have any questions?
Regarding dogs? Roller derby? Handcrafting? Crossfit? Cameras? Travel?

 I figure if I have a couple talking points then maybe talking to the camera won’t be as weird. šŸ™‚




  1. I've never made a vlog, and would hate just sitting talking to the screen! Love that you're looking for ideas! I'd love to hear Aboit derby for sure! Or photography!

  2. there's a vlog challenge, 30 days vlog challenge, something like that, you should try it, i'm considering to do it, and maybe this could help you šŸ™‚

  3. I have always been amused to be here….simply an awesome post..

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