but i DO like pickles

 This weekend I had quite an adventure with Kiki from I Still Hate Pickles.
[get the title now?]
 And by adventure, I mean we drove to a few thrift shops that ended up being closed.
 Oh hey! We found an open one!
Well, open for 10 more minutes. 🙂
I bought a few items, including the four mugs photographed above. I just want to fill them with beer and clank them all together. CHEERS!
 I’ve mentioned before, my favorite activities involve a bit of wanderlust [and a dog or two…]. Yes, Kiki and I had destinations in mind, but if we saw something interesting along the way, or across the way, we stopped to take pictures. I feel like the best photographs are simple details that go unnoticed. Like the ground you walk on. You’ve just got to find the correct angle. 🙂
 Kiki’s POV of my wine bottle photography skillz. 😛
For more photos from our adventure, visit Kiki’s blog. She’s an amazing writer. You might stop visiting me because of her talented wayz. So…wait. Don’t go! No, noooOOooo!



  1. What a lovely post, I love days where you just explore and see where the mood takes you. Such beautiful photos too, you have happened upon some awesome things! xo

  2. These are such beautiful photos, I really enjoyed looking through. Those peeling paint signs, stunning 🙂 You captured them really well.

  3. I think you went just a little overboard on the writing bit…now I feel very pressured. Love how your photos turned out and it was a super fun day! Always better to go out with bloggers who understand the need to take millions of photos.

  4. awesome pics, bottles, i love those bottles, and the rusty keys 🙂
    such a little adventure you had

  5. this post made me chuckle. i hate making a special trip somewhere just to find out it's closed! but at least you made a good time of it 😛 x

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