Austin Staples

My first two years post graduation I visited Austin very often. Withdrawals perhaps?
Lately, it’s become a rare trip. But when work sends you to your favorite Texas city? You take advantage!

My ATX vacays always involve a few traditions. And by traditions, I mean favorite foods. 🙂

When I lived in Austin, Kerbey Lane was my favorite place to eat at any hour. Distance makes the appetite grow fonder.
You may or may not have seen this recent tweet:
It is in reference to the most delicious bowl of melted heaven on the planet!
Other things you should try: any “flavor” of pancakes, the sloppy joel [veggie sloppy joe], portabello fajitas…and the pancakes. Oops, did I say that already?? 🙂
Anyway, they’ve got a handful of locations in the area, and I can now say I have visited every single establishment. YUM.
Steve, left; Weezy, my college roommie, right.
Busted. Two Kerbey trips in one visit!
And a very empty bowl of KERBEY QUESO.
[I pretty much speak in all caps when referring to state world renowned delicacies.]

 Other feisty hang outs include, and are usually limited to [haha, jk…maybe] Momoko for a Kogepan bubble tea…
[I used to stick to Taro, but my friend Renee recommended Kogepan and I never went back. It has a warm cinnamon flavor…but isn’t overpowering…drool.
A few months ago I posted about Momoko. Read about it here.]
…and Veggie Heaven. I’ve never ordered anything but the Protein 2000 and probably never will. It’s that good!
Also? Rice is beautiful. And that’s not just the Hispanic in me talking. 😉

I will be posting more from my recent ATX adventures soon. Visit Renee’s blog to see photos of Veggie Heaven and our day trip to Fredericksburg. 🙂




  1. LOVE Austin! I've lived her for about 2 years, and I still can't get enough. The Protein 2000 is one of my favorite dishes, and for the record, nothing else at Veggie Heaven is worth trying 😉

  2. I was just about to ask if you've ever done any posts about your favorite places in TX. I really want to visit Austin/Houston SOON.

  3. Ahh so jealous! Makes me want to visit Austin. I have never been, but my friend lives there and all the things she says are similar to what you say so I just want to go so badly!

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