What I Wore…thank you sister!

Whenever my sister visits, she arrives bearing gifts. And since she has become aware of my obsession with dresses lately…I received a bright little addition to the collection. 🙂
Dress: Mossimo [via Target]
Cardigan: Nordstrom Juniors’
Shoes: Shoemint
Attack of the 5[‘]0 foot woman!!
Also? Notice the single color on my nails? I very rarely get manicures or pedicures, or what-have-you. Something about people working on my hands and feet…I don’t like it. But just before my trip I decided to get that shellack business done so my polish would stay on the entire stay. Oh mah gahhh, it burns! That last coat when your hand goes under the UV lights… I almost jumped out of my seat! haha!

And if you kinda like my style, check out my closet. <3



  1. Love the dress! LOVE the shoes! I tend to buy that kind of shoe, but my issue is that my ankles turn all the time, and when your ankles turn in platforms, well, you die. 🙂

  2. I'm not a fan of manicures or pedicures either! They make me cringe. But sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

  3. Cute shoes!

    I've had a manicure once and a pedicure twice—only because of a friend's wedding and someone bought be a gift certificate! I do paint my toenails myself in the summer, and have been painting my nails to keep from chewing on them, but don't really like painting them…

  4. Roxy, you look so amazing!! Like seriously, you're so tone. I hope when you woke up today, you looked in the mirrior and said, "damn, I'm fine". <3

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