What I Wore…WanderLust

I recently discovered Air BnB, and every once in a while I get sucked into the website for an hour or so, planning future trips, imaginary trips, and trips that could only happen in my mind.
This particular morning I was perusing far off destinations – Air BnB in one window, google maps in the other. I could get lost for days…and it kind of influenced my wardrobe choices. šŸ™‚
 As a child, my family moved around a lot. I’ve only lived in 3 states and one other country, but we moved so often between the 4, that it has greatly influenced my wanderlust.
My sister and I have also been lucky in that our family trips while we lived overseas involved a large chunk of Europe.
Soon my mother, sister, and I will be venturing to Paris, France. She [my mom] gets the itch as well.
We are a pretty itchy family. haha šŸ˜‰
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Boots: Guess
Necklace: I Adorn U
My Francesca’s Collections Travel Wishlist:
Francesca's For Travel

What are your dream destinations?
Big Dream: To one day live in Austria… <3 <3
Smaller Dream: Relocate to the Pacific Northwest. <3



  1. I get the itch all the time but never have the means to do anything about it. If I could be a gypsy I would!

  2. Man, I want to be in the Pacific NW also! Oregon (Voodoo donut!) or Washington! But my beach-loving sunshine-absorbing mother will never leave SoFla. And I want my son to know her/remember her! So maybe when he is older, we will venture out to the PacNorWest!

    Love the hoodie tunic also! Anything with a hood makes me a happy camper! >.<

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