what i wore…on my last day in MIA

This is a more casual outfit than I tend to display on these “what i wore” posts. It tells me two things.

Whenever I visit Miami, I slowly start dressing differently. I don’t usually wear skinny jeans. I own a black pair that I got from my uncle in Miami…and wear them very rarely..and with sneakers. I decided to put them on one day, and my cousin asked, “what? are you in high school??” Apparently, in Miami, you should not be wearing skinny jeans with sneakers unless you are under 18 years of age? Okay, sandals it is. Or, like on this day, platforms.

I packed up all my things on the last full day I had with my family. There wasn’t enough room in my luggage for my giant shoes…so I had to wear them. I was that girl, walking around the airport with giant shoes on. The one you watch just to see if she will trip. So maybe the 2nd thing this post tells me is that I need to pack less?

But no, the 2nd thing is that I am going to bust out the Harry Potter. After visiting Islands of Adventure’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter, I want to remember everything. Whether this includes re-reading the books or spending 2 days locked in my room watching movies is inconclusive yet…all I know is, HP is makin’ a comeback.

Top: Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Universal’s Island of Adventure
Pants: Uncle’s Shop [email me if interested in a pair]
Shoes: Shoemint
Hat: Cigar shop in Tampa, FL

So this is what I wore on my last full day in Miami with my family. But on the plane the next day, I had on my skinny black jeans with a fluorescent pink top. Yep. I was straight up MIA. The Heat Championship hat my cousin gave me to bring back to my sister didn’t help either.

I miss my family hardcore to the max. This morning I was looking through pictures I had on my phone. One was my view from the kitchen table. The view I would be experiencing right now.
Yes, being home is good. I missed Daniel, my parents, and my sweet pups…but I also miss my familia. 🙁



  1. Harry Potter is awesome, and I think the wedges keep this outfit looking sharp. I love re-reading the books and occasionally re-watching the movies, but my partner introduced me to an amazing way to rediscover Harry Potter,

    Lego Harry Potter. It's kind of amazing.

  2. Glad you are home! Thanks for coming to my rescue by the side of the feeder today…

  3. Hurray for well dressed folks in the airport! Really, do we need to see more pajamas and sweatpants?

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