What I Wore…Lady Bird

Swallows have been in style for quite some time, but I feel like they are just now making a more predominant comeback. They are rising to the level of the owl! 🙂
I love this dress I purchased while in Miami. The only setback is how quickly it wrinkles!
But it’s so soft and simple…I can deal. 🙂
Outfit details can be found on my guest post over at This Creative Life. 🙂

And across from the piano bench?
Look at that beautiful guard dog.



  1. That dress is so pretty! It looks soft and comfortable. That dog, however, steals the show. I just want to shmoosh his (her?) face!

  2. Oh hells yes! A whole necklace of swallows? Awesome! My best friend got a seriously cool tattoo of a swallow on her shoulder blade last year and I love it, which is why I'm mad at her because now I can't get one! =)

    ANYWAY your dress is rockin'!

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