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I haven’t posted my current reads in a while! I realized this after I busted through 3 books in two weeks. Here are some of the books I have enjoyed lately. 🙂
Note: I am not too good at writing reviews, so just click on the links for a summary on Amazon…
I just finished Looking for Alaska the other day. After reading The Fault in Our Stars, how can you not pick up another John Green book? There are two more of his novels on my “to read” list.
This is only my 2nd Green read, but he seems to like makin’ us cry a bit. Definitely not as heart wrenching as the Fault in Our Stars, though. 
I actually read Bruiser a few months ago. A very quick and easy read – and a very good read.
It incorporates a little bit of fantasy, too.
And sticking with my dystopian novel obsessions, Variant is a good one with a few twists.
Again, it’s an easy read, but had me hooked. 🙂
If you were following my tweets around April & May…you may have noticed my obsession with The Vampire Diaries [TVD] on CW. A friend of mine recommended The Secret Circle books because they are by the same author of TVD. I wasn’t too into the first book, but flew through the 2nd. Therefore I will be giving the third book a try. 🙂
[Yes, there is a tv show based on these novels as well. I haven’t seen it yet.]
I have a list of books to read still [including some past recommendations from older posts]
but please feel free to recommend anything you think I might be into. I hope you consider reading any of these if you have been looking. 🙂



  1. I got about 75% through Alaska, but didn't finish it. I was a little annoyed with how Manic Pixie Dream Girl she was. Did it have a rewarding ending? I might finish it up.

  2. Dude. Alaska was ridiiiiiiic. Too sad and weird. But I loved Paper Towns! And I just finished An Abundance of Katherines. Not my fav, but still ok!

  3. i loved the fault in our stars
    the last 30 pages i couldnt stop sobbing!

    looking for alaska was good too, i want to read it again, i read it about 2 yrs ago..

    paper towns and an abundance of katherines are next on my list!

    one of my fav authors is aimee bender and i would suggest any books by her, they are all good

  4. I am finishing the Hunger Games Trilogy to start The Fault in Our Stars. I can't wait to read it. I have heard its wonderful. 🙂

    -Yuliette 🙂

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