A Future Flight to France

At the end of this month I will be traveling to Paris with my mom and sister. I have been practicing basic words and phrases in French…I definitely won’t be able to hold a conversation, but I feel like the natives might appreciate my efforts?
Buster thinks I should try harder, but whatevs. 😉
Below is my *wishlist* for the flight to France.
Dilemma: I am most comfortable in dresses. But with all the walking we will be doing, I know I should wear sneakers. [Dresses and sneakers?? No thanks.] 
Do you have any recommendations? Comfy, yet stylish, shoes? That won’t make my ankles feel like they are about to snap?

Flying in Style

Sheer top

Metal jewelry

p.s. I found the airplane earrings at Taxi Taxi here in Houston. woohoo! 😉



  1. Those ballet pumps would be fine.

    I love Paris – one of my favourite holiday destinations.

    "Ou a….. " is a useful phrase. "Ou a la supermarche?" "Ou a la toilette?" ta da!

    My most useful phrase on the most recent trip was "Je voudrais deux bilets pour la Metro pour deux jours s'il vous plait"

  2. First, I think you must do your best to learn basic French for basic situations. I've never been, but I've been told that the French will expect it of you, and think that you're rude if you want them to speak English.

    I also think you're better off in a dress and a non-sneaker shoe. Especially because shoes that are too comfy will make you look like a tourist. I'd try a high-quality, supportive flat. Don't forget to break it in first!

  3. Oh so jealous! I went to France when I graduated high school and I would give just about anything to go again! You should go to Monet's garden. I never made it out of the city, except for Versailles, but that should be amazing. Also, Versailles. Uh-mazing.

    Oh and ballet flats should be fine–maybe getting a sole insert for more support?

  4. I love your blog so much! your dog is such a cutie 🙂 jealous of you going to france! if you have time please could you check out my blog? honeylaced.wordpress.com , thanks 🙂

  5. I am so incredibly envious! I took French for 7 years and honestly don't remember very much! How is that possible?! I have always wanted to go to France, someday I'll get there! I know you are going to have an amazing time, fill us with massive over the top picture posts and amazing stories of adventures.


  6. Enjoy your trip to France! My husband and I were just there last year for our honeymoon. We got to use a little bit of French that we learned when we were in the south, but it seemed like every time we tried to speak French in Paris, it was pretty obvious that we were American and they would immediately start speaking to us in English. It's still fun to try 😉

    As for the shoes, I highly (highly highly highly) recommend these:


    They're super cute, versatile, and the most comfortable shoes I've ever owned.

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