what i wore…with my curls

Yesterday I got my hairs did by the lovely Brandi Lisenbe. 😉
[Many of y’all may already know the Bueno Bueno sisters.]
Daniel and I went to Baby Barnaby’s for some breakfast afterwards. It was grand. 🙂 But a couple hours later, my Civic got a flat and I was forced to roam the aisles of Walmart until the car was in fully functioning condition. My freshly styled hairs lasted through all that heat and sweat, but not through roller derby practice! At least I got to sport my new locks for a few hours. <3
Cardigan: Uncle’s Shop
Shoes: Greece Travels
Sunglasses [as seen in top photo]: Charming Charlie
Shorts [yes, they are there!]: H&M
If you are in need of some summer hair care advice, make sure to check out this post the Bueno sisters did for the grrfeisty blog a couple months back. 🙂



  1. Where oh where do you find your cute cardigans?! I only end up finding ones that make me look like I'm 80. 🙁

    Can you help me find some nice, fitted cardigans?

    • i'm leaving for miami in the morning and will check and see if my uncle has any more of those in stock. they are real stretchy. i like the coverage – arms and upper back 🙂 i also buy cardigans in the jr section of nordstroms. they are usually between 20-30 bucks methinks.

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