Photo An Hour-ish

This day was not a typical day for me…That, combined with the fact that I am unhappy with my photographs, means I will be trying this again soon. 🙂
The last photo-an-hour I did can be seen here.

9 a.m.  – Osa decides it’s time for me to get up.
 So I check my emails. 🙂
 And then release the hounds! [The other 2 dogs are takin’ care of bidniss ;)]
 10 a.m. – Breakfast time.
11 a.m. Am tackling this mess. It’s what happens when you clean every other room in the house and move everything that goes elsewhere into this one. sdfjsdlkfjsld
12 p.m. Break time. What? I was overwhelmed… 🙂
1 p.m. The madness continues. Got a lot of mess into these drawers. 🙂
[An old card catalog!]
2 p.m. Organized and labeled things, too!
3 p.m. Daniel returns from his camping trip.
4 p.m. Updated my to-do before heading over to my parents’ house.
 5 p.m. My mom and I went out for Thai food. <3
6 p.m. Walked Buster with my mom before heading out to Roller Derby practice.

7 p.m. Suit up!
Coming clean: I didn’t take a photograph of myself putting my derby gear on. This is from another night!

7 p.m. until 10 p.m. – hung out with these women plus about 40 more. I was on the track and therefore didn’t take these pictures until after practice, when most folks had gone home already.
 Mary Queen of Skates

 Bustin Beaver

11 p.m. Home. Hung out with Daniel for a bit while he played on his ‘puter.
 I also made myself a salad.

12 a.m. BED.

1 a.m. Scheduling this blog post [from bed].

After spending two days full of serious house-cleaning/purging and scrimmaging at roller derby, I am wiped!
[One more practice and finishing up the room-of-mess…yay summer break!]



  1. I love these photo-an-hour days, it's so fun to peek into other bloggers lives! 🙂 I should try to make my own sometime 🙂

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