Nerdy Thirty

Recently a friend of mine celebrated his thirtieth birthday.
The theme was “Super Nerdy Thirty” – you could dress up as a nerd or a super hero.

Daniel shaved his facial hair for the party – in case you didn’t recognize him!

 The Flash cupcake. 🙂
Superman cupcake.
A friend of mine asked me to make these cupcakes for the party. I knew the frosting would take the longest, so she came over and helped with that part.
Colorful Cupcake tutorial HERE.
Can you figure out who Daniel went as?



  1. That is awesome 🙂 My brother is 23 next week and he's having a Star Wars themed murder mystery party. My character is a green alien from somewhere so I'm going to risk it and face paint myself green!

  2. I might just have to steal this idea for an upcoming friend's birthday! Seriously, this is too fun. 😀

  3. The first picture is by far what caught my attention 🙂 Perfect shot. Perfect pose. Very original.
    Love the theme!!!!

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