Girl Time

I never had many girl friends growing up. Three or so girls stand out in my mind…for years and years.
All of a sudden I’ve got my bloggy/crafty friends and my derby ladies. I even went on one of my first “Girls Night Outs,” which sounds completely silly since I don’t usually partake in such events, yet ended up being a lot of fun. 🙂
attempting a “myspace” shot
“grr” face
I find myself being sucked into the derby hole. <– Not a bad thing!
My first year or so in derby I made friends, but we didn’t hang out too much. Lately, I have been hanging out with them more and more.
Making friends through roller derby is kind of a relief. I feel like building new relationships has become difficult for me. I am somewhat of an introvert. That, mixed with a touch of laziness, qualifies me as almost a hermit. But because we automatically share at least one similar interest, and have practice so often, it’s almost impossible not to grow closer to a good chunk of these women. 🙂

And then sometimes you get lucky. And meet people with an amazing sense of humor, or love the same TV shows, or are as obsessed with dogs as you are, love photography, are great road trip buddies, etc etc etc. And also?? Love roller derby. They have completely normal lives, and also like making a really good hit every now and then. 🙂
How am I only now discovering how awesome girls are?
 I mean, how can you not befriend these folks?? 🙂
 in case you can’t tell…we are tied together. 🙂
 Note: If you are interested in the hilarious perspective of a derby girl & momma, be sure to check out “I Still Hate Pickles.” 🙂
Now that I have harped about the females in my life – this Sunday is a day for Fathers. I will be spending the day with mine. I hope you are able to spend your day the way you wish.

p.s. Shout out to my original gal pals, whom I have always adored and been friends with. 🙂
Maria, Weezy, Rachel, my seeester Sandy, and my cousin Ely!!



  1. It's a good day when we link to one another's blogs. 🙂 Hermits unite! You and I could be Team Sleeves Hermits. Or Team Hermit Sleeves.

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