Gators and Derby

One week ago, the “B” Travel Team, Knock Outs, had a bout in Baton Rouge, Louisiana against Red Stick Roller Derby.
This may or may not sound redundant to you. While practicing my French [for next month’s trip to Paris!] I realized that “Baton Rouge” means Red Stick. And I was not the only one who hadn’t made the connection until then, either. Color me rouge embarrassed!

I rode with 5 other teammates in Kiki Mojo‘s suburban. And for being a car packed full of girls, it was a really fun ride! Kiki even made an alligator pit stop. 🙂

 The photo above is a much smaller gator than the one pictured [twice] below.

SyRENge with the smaller baby & Bloody Hell with the larger.

“America’s Wetlands”

 Bustin Beaver and her face paint.

I don’t have any photographs from the bout, but hopefully I can get my hands on some. This one below is from right after our WIN. I posted it around the webs.
We were all starving and ate up the Beaver Bread [a real tasty banana bread that Beaver makes for all the games!].




  1. I should really point out that I, Kiki Mojo, proudly own a minivan. Which I not-so-proudly crashed, thus needing to steal the suburban from my in-laws. Why I feel that it's important to point out that I drive a minivan, I'm not sure. But I love the close-ups of the gators. I totally want one.

  2. Oh, and no matter what I'm driving, I will ALWAYS brake for alligators. 🙂

  3. ooo you're brave to be around those gators!

    I saw that you've signed up for the blogger event in September, and I'm following you now! Looking forward to meeting you 🙂

    Hope you're having a great weekend!

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