Flying Feisty

I realize most of you have probably already seen these photos on Facebook or Insta-Gram, but I am still so excited and in awe of Saturday night’s bout. We played a Dallas team – Bombshell Brigade – and had no idea what to expect. My team started out in a frenzy, but once we regrouped, played so well! And I had the multiple chances to jam?!?! Dang those girls from Dallas were BIG hitters! At one point I was even air born! [photos a little further down!] Hearing the audience “OHHH!!!” all at once was pretty awesome. As if they all felt my left hip as it crashed onto the track…Youch. 🙂 Hearing the crowd’s reactions was such an incredibly surreal feeling.*

Can you spot Bustin Beaver? 🙂

FYI: KO are in black; BB in red.

Now for the good stuff. 🙂
The hit I referred to earlier, from a couple different angles:
Despite the loss, hits, falls, and going to the penalty box for the first time during the last jam [FAIL], all of my memories from this game are pretty positive. As a rookie, I don’t get to play much on my home team. I am still
learning, and there are SO many ladies who are just…better. They’ve
been doing it longer. And we want to win, right? So I was incredibly
lucky in this game. The opposing players were so much taller and larger
than us [and I recently learned they are ex-all stars], I was actually an asset because of my stature. This is why I am
still, 3 days later, excited about this bout. I got to play! I got
to jam! 😀
Hopefully I can continue to get better and play harder – and
play clean.
By the way, that is Mayor Annise Parker in the photo above. 🙂
Thanks to Danny Nguyen [SSanceMan] and Hung L. Truong for such wonderful photographs!
Aren’t they amazing?
Between the Knockouts bout and the All-Star bout, a stranger asked for my autograph. Um, awesome?? 🙂 He even remembered a moment when I juked past one of the larger blockers and left her looking around all confused. Now I don’t know how accurate that description is, but I definitely enjoyed hearing it. And I also like to pretend he is referring to this photo: 🙂

During game 2, I sat in the crowd photographing the All-Star bout. The following photos are some of my favorite action shots from the All-Star vs Arch Rivals. And for all you camera nerds out there, I messed around with my manual settings. By turning the ISO up and changing with the aperture, the quality became a bit grainier, but overall I was pretty impressed with the minimal blurriness.

*      *       *       *

With the help of my amazing teammates, and some advice from the veterans, I did my best jamming to date. They even voted me “best jammer” of the game. I am still incredibly stoked and flattered.
Especially because Kiki [who won best BLOCKER!] made the “trophy” – which was a bottle of beer! YUM. [Most of us will go the week of a bout without consuming alcohol – so this was a much coveted prize!]

Don’t let my gush session confuse you, I need plenty of work! This experience showed me that I CAN be effective, if I just work harder. There is always room for improvement. Everywhere. Especially….ENDURANCE. [I am a broken record.]

**Also gotta send a shout out to our amazing league mates that, at the VERY last minute, ironed our numbers onto these black shirts. We didn’t realize our pink jerseys looked too much like our visiting team’s red ones. Lesson learned!

Do you live in the Houston area??
Visit the Houston Roller Derby site OR blog 
for bout information. The games are pretty awesome!
Google a roller derby league
near you! 
This sport is growing and you can definitely help. 🙂 

If you noticed and are curious about
my handmade star necklace,
I purchased it from Reigruche Studio. <3
She even named it after me! So freakin’ cool. 🙂

*Friend, I hope you don’t
consider this some kind of gloat session. This post is that of a rookie who is overly
excited because she finally played well, if only for a while…before her endurance ran out. haha 🙂 



  1. Yay for blog shout outs! What a fun game. You were fab! Wish I'd saved my trophy beer to drink with you, but I was too excited. 🙂

  2. Grrrrl!!! I saw you take that hit that flew you through the air and I couldn't believe my eyes!!!! That pic should be framed and on your wall 🙂 You all played great, it was an intense game. Ps. Thanks for the link to Reigruche Studio – Love the jewelry! – Lili

  3. Congrats!!!! I know how you feel when the crowd Ohhhh!'s at the same time. Sometimes I think my hits look worse than they feel.

    I played in a bout a couple of weeks ago as a jammer and felt really good about it; that kinda high lasts for weeks.

    I love reading your derby posts!

  4. That's so awesome!! I know how hard you've been working. Maybe it's a good thing I never tried out for Dallas Derby. I would've had to feel your wrath! hehe <3

  5. These pics just make me want to get into roller derby so badly! I dreamed about it last night and posted about it this morning and then reading this post just now just cemented it for me! It sounds like you had an amazing time, good on you!


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