My first weekend of summer was enveloped by dogs and derby. Sounds about right….
Houston Roller Derby had it’s annual Crawfish Boil this weekend.
A couple of us have discovered that, since playing derby, we tend to sweat from our knees. hahaha 🙂
The boil was a lot of fun! I think the heat kept a lot of folks away. Such a shame. The dunking tank looked pretty amazing. Though I will never have the courage to do it. 🙂 That water was pretty murky!
 On to the dogs!
 The top two photos are of Mindy. She is going home today. I hope my dogs wore her out! 🙂
The bottom two photos are my neighbor’s dogs. They are in the backyard all the time. It kinda makes me sad. 🙁 I used to get pretty pissed because they would have barking wars with my dogs…So I can’t leave them out back for too long. Bleh. But now I have more sympathy than anger. Hence the missing slate…Lately I have been feeding them treats through the fence. My favorite is the larger of the three…then the little white one [which somehow ended up in our backyard a few months ago??].

Hope y’all stayed cool this weekend! SUMMER HAS BEGUN!! 🙂



  1. That's such a shame that the turnout was low. Once you said crawfish boil, I was debating the 4 hour drive to get there. But my fiance said we couldn't go. 🙁

    Also, Doggies! It's nice of you to take care of them. Hopefully the owner lets them inside. I'd hate to see them on Animal Cops Houston.

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