1. I love henna tattoos – they last a few weeks and then wash away – if you get bored of it just wait for it wear off – it's not like a permanent one when you're stuck with it for life.

    Chris brought some henna tattoo stuff back from India and we had a play with it – I drew across my foot – it might have been easier if I was doing it on someone else though because of the angle I was at.

  2. I have henna lying around in my house! We usually use it in henna night, it's when the friend and family of the soon to be married bride get together to send her off. It's a turkish tradition. I have also seen it used as art like your friend and I think its really cute!

  3. Oh my word! Her designs are so lovely. I plan on getting a permanent henna style tattoo soon. I would love for her to design one for me. eep!

  4. That is really very beautiful. I love henna because I secretly want a tatoo, even though I could never get what I wanted because of my job. (I want something big and colorful down my arm, but I'm a teacher in a private school.) Henna never lasts very long on me though. 🙁

    • i know how you feel! i am also a teacher. my school might be a tad more lax, though. a lot of my friends have little ones on their angles or wrists that show. but a close friend of mine has them all over his arms…he just makes sure to wear long sleeves all year. 🙂

  5. That girl is so awesome and I've only met her twice. Totally in awe of those tattoos and hope she comes back to Austin soon so she can use me as a canvas!

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