what i wore…snow white

As you can tell, I kind of love my backyard. At least when I can avoid the giant land mines dog poop everywhere. 🙂

My mom bought me this dress for my birthday in January. I am usually not a fan of white because I’ve heard it makes you look a bit heavier and then there are the annoying underwear issues… But. I am in love with the lace! Other than pairing the dress with a thicker belt than it came with [to disguise where the “empire waist” hit me….see: short torso issues 101], I am glad I took the plunge. And many an underwear dilemma [lines, color, etc] can be avoided when pairing a white dress with tights. Win!

It has taken me years and years to figure out which styles I feel most comfortable in. Shopping for dresses in my youth was like a trip to the dentist. I hated it [no offense , Sandy!]. Dress shopping was almost equivalent to bathing suit shopping in my book. And everything I settled with was always so awkward fitting, too. Thinking back, I can’t decide what magical moment clued me in on dress shopping for my figure. My best estimate is once I graduated from college and had to start shopping for teacher clothes. In search of style and comfort. You must impress the judgmental preteens and also be able to move around all day. Kinda tough!

Details if you are interested 🙂
Dress: Dillard’s Department Store
Belt: Mom’s – vintage
Illustration: Victoria
Custom illustrations available at Batzy RockShop
Full post here. 🙂

shoes: madden girl
Do you feel “limited” in any way by your figure? How do you get around that?
Oh! And does anyone know where I can find petite sizes that are also stylish??



  1. I love the dress and that belt. I have the exact same one. I also have the same issues. Short torso. Petite.
    If you find petite sizes, I must know!!

  2. I totally feel limited by my figure. I'm on the shorter side (5'4), short waited & large breasted. I have such a love/hate relationship with shopping. A line, empire waist, tied waists and belts are my best friends. At least most of the time. I stay clear high necked clothing as it just accentuates my top and wear cami's under everything to combat the low tops.

    I don't shop petite sizes so I can't help you there but I did once buy a dress a Nordstrom's in their petite department and loved it. It was for my HS reunion.
    I do have a friend who is 4'10 and she's always looking for cute & stylish clothes too. I'm not sure why it's such a hard thing to find.

  3. LOVE this outfit. & that drawing is soooo adorable. Love love love it. the dress is so pretty & the green tights are a perfect match! 🙂

  4. The dress is beautiful and the brilliance of the green on your tights goes really well with the whole look. I love the whole outfit!!

    I do feel limited by my figure, but I'm slowly learning to dress better for it. After having 2 kids, my waist is still working it's way back to normal. I fight the good fight against muffin top while clothes shopping. For that, I make sure that my pants aren't too tight. It's amazing what just ignoring my ego and going a size up can do for a look. You just have to make sure you check out your butt too, because some jeans will flatten it out if you go up a size. Something about the cut to some jeans just makes the booty disappear! I also have fairly thick calves, so flats with dresses are out. Heels look banging, though! 🙂

    Really, I just go and try things until something looks good. I used to hate trying things on before buying them, but sometimes I'd get things home and be super disappointed about the fit. Some days it seems like everything I try on looks fantastic on me and others it's dud after dud. Anyone else have shopping days like that?

  5. Cute dress! I love it! And I have a belt that would match perfectly whit it and those shoes, hehe.

    Of course I feel limited with my figure when I go shopping, but who doesn't? Every figure has its own limitation, I think.

    My problem with dresses is that my top (ribs and boobs) is too small comparing with my low part (hip and butt), so usually dresses fit with my butt but not with my boobs or viceversa. After years of frustration I discover that dresses that are tight on the chest and the rest loose, are the ones that look the best on me. However, some of them make me look fat, and that's not cool!

    I guess that the secret is to forget the frustration and try and try an try until you find one that looks good on you. There is always one! 🙂

  6. I definitely feel limited by my figure. I have a very large bone structure with broad shoulders, a tong torso and long legs. Wearing short dresses always look strange on me because my body is just too long for them. I find that tunics, floor length dresses, and v-necks suit me best. However, ordering clothes online is just an absolute nightmare. I envy the people who can order from Modcloth and fit it just perfectly. And I'll admit, it's part of my motivation to lose weight.

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