Snug Mug DIY

I’ve got a pretty bad habit of collecting mugs. New mugs, thrifted mugs, souvenir mugs, etc  – I want them all!
Our shelves can’t even handle it!

So when Ready Made posted this Mug Wall DIY, I convinced Daniel to assist me make it.

 Mine is a smaller [+chalkboard] version, but the nice thing about this project is you can make it whatever size you need.

Daniel measured the chunk of wall and then we hit up Home Depot.
[Obviously before the photo above was taken…]

 I thoroughly enjoyed scouring the silverware bins at our local Value Village for just the right spoons.

By the way, when selecting spoons, make sure they are slightly malleable. You need to bend them forward slightly in order to slide the mugs into place.

Once supplies were purchased, Daniel measured the strips of plywood and cut them to the desired lengths. And painted.

 You can extend the mugs across the large piece of plywood, or make a mini chalkboard on half the wall. 🙂

Painting tips: First mark where each plywood strip will be laid out, then place the painter’s tape down where your chalkboard will go [see photo above and below for visual]. Paint 2-3 layers of chalkboard paint. Allow a day for this to dry and remove tape. Then tape a sheet of newspaper down over the chalkboard. Spray the large piece of plywood. Wait another day until it’s completely dry and continue with the steps below. 🙂

I positioned the spoons and held them down [VERY important job, guys…] while Daniel drilled 3-4 screws per strip of wood, between spoons.

Because each spoon was different, multiple screws were needed – some of the spoons kept sliding around…  

As for hanging purposes, Daniel used wire and hooks, but I’m not so sure it’s strong enough.
I will let you know if my mug wall falls down!

Since this photo we have added more mugs and it has stayed intact. Fingers crossed 🙂



  1. I LOVE this.
    I'm totally going to attempt it (Augi will hate you and me both for this one). 😉

  2. Wow that looks amazing!!! We have too many mugs too and even though I've parted with some, my cabinets are still too full. You're so lucky to have Daniel to help you make things! :p

  3. I also collect mugs! They're so hard to resist for some reason! This is a very cute idea, especially the chalkboard paint.

  4. So cute !! I'm totally keeping this in my archives for things to do for my apartment in the future.

    Maybe mix it up – add some forks and knives?

    Either way, yours is so cute!

    xo Becky

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