Lens Love

I don’t know about you, but lately I have been so busy with work&derby that it is way easier to do my shopping online. And buying prescription glasses on the web? Hello, perfect.
Usually the only use my glasses get are when I am driving at night, or watching something from a distance. But my new frames are so light and stylish, that I have been wearing them more and more. 🙂

You may recall the image above. I created it myself, with the use of the virtual mirror. The app allows you to “try on” so many different frames! And I definitely used the “compare” option to switch between my top picks! My decision took a bit longer after I discovered a variety of styles that looked pretty cool!

Once you find a style you like, simply enter your prescription and any other options you might desire [anti-scratch, UV protection, etc]. Included is a sweet case and wipe, too!

If you are in the market to buy glasses, make sure you visit GlassesUSA.com. And check out the current coupons! – 50% off, BOGO, free shipping, and more! Or, if you stumble upon this review once they’ve expired, use code Blog10 for 10% off. 🙂

 I’m not even joking, these are my favorite eyeglasses evarrrr! So happy!
This is a sponsored post. The product review consists soley of my thoughts and opinions.



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