explooosions of friendship :)

Thank goodness for the long weekend! I am currently waiting for a friend to pop over so we can head out and hang with some friends who are currently in town. I didn’t realize so many folks from out of town would be in Houston this weekend! It’s slightly overwhelming in a surprisingly fun way. Surprising because I feel overwhelmed but am delighted to be spending time with distant friends. Does that make sense?
Anyways, this is my “exploooooode” face [b/c of the post title, duh]. 🙂
I hope you are all haven’t a magnificent Easter weekend! Tomorrow is family and Renee time. WEeeeeEEe!
Here is a hilarious instagem [@grrfeisty] from earlier today. 🙂

5′ vs 6’7”
[that’s 1.524 meters vs 2.01 meters for all you international folk]

*I totally misspelled exploooosions initially in the title! Woops…*



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