this is a quick hello to give you a little update.
this week has been hard on me [see break down]. physically&mentally. there were more meetings than usual at work, more practices than usual in derby, and one more relative in town to visit. all of these things individually are no problem at all. but thinking about fitting everything into a whole day is just a tad overwhelming.
that, and the fact that i barely ever see my boyfriend…sigh.
i am used to being busy during the week, the breaking point is when i have too many weekend commitments. so. i have decided to stop volunteering/agreeing to do things. i have to learn to say no. then i can chill over the weekend, and not have random freak outs. sounds like a plan, right?
summer vacation cannot come quickly enough!

any tips on keeping stress levels down? anything is welcome at this point.

[note: thursday night and all of friday were pretty miserable. but i have been feeling great today – though there’s a bit of anxiety for tomorrow’s away game…wish me luck!]



  1. i had a pretty craptastic week myself – both on work wise and personal life wise. i need to have tips on how to not stress as much as well. which is something that comes hard to someone with ocd that stresses and obsesses over almost everything.

    i usually chant in my head "breathe" it's kind of my mantra. i really wish i was one of those people that nothing seems to ever bother or phase them. they actually annoy me a little sometimes and i just want to shake them to see it they are real. because how can nothing effect you?! but before i get off topic – i hope your next week goes better for you. and just remember to breathe through it all.

  2. I think saying "no" is really important! I try my best to make every-other weekend a relaxing one where I don't do anything. It helps a lot! Even if you only get one day of no commitments, it helps!

    I wrote some posts on taking a break.. wait, let me find it!!! lol

    Though that's mostly about small-business stuff, I think it can be applied to anyone.

    Ashley has a good post too,

    Hope those help! Though… I still struggle with de-stressing myself. =

    • thank you for the links, erin! i will definitely check them out. i agree about making every other weekend relaxing…that's something i really need to work on.

  3. You sound super busy! Good luck with your away game, I've been thinking of joining derby too….I remember seeing a (Houston?) players name that is 'Rory Killmore' and thought that was the best thing I'd ever heard. ever.

  4. Bah, I wish I could help ya out with keeping stress & anxiety down to a minimum, but that's something that I REALLY struggle with. Just know you aren't alone when you're feeling REALLY down & like things aren't ever going to get better. Because I've totally been there. A lot. Like, uh, at least once a month. Ha.

    SO, if you ever wanna talk or vent or just anything! I'm here! I know what it's like! I don't necessarily have any advice, but I'm a good listener. 🙂 Hope things are looking up for ya now! You'll get outta this funk. 🙂

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