what i wore…navy love

sometimes i will try a certain style [i.e. tights with open toed shoes], and feel just a bit paranoid as i walk around at work. a few people commented that my legs were a funny color – no that is not my skin tone, you craycray! 🙂

i am team sleeves all the way, but this dress was far too awesome, and i own quite a few cover ups, so it’s no big deal. navy blue makes me drool.
while my mom was snapping some of these photos, she suggested i remove my cardigan… it’s funny when you reach that age when you start to listen to your mother. 🙂

p.s. i’ve got quite a few april ad spots available.



  1. ouh i love your texas pin! that's really cute. your dress and tighes go with it perfectly. i like it both with and without the cardigan – just depends on the season 🙂 did people really think your legs were that color? haha silly people

    <3 katherine

  2. I like your Texas pin too! When my sister was far away from home for a few months, I made her a kentucky pin and sent it to her. (Kentucky was a bit hard to cut out) hehe.

  3. I love how this dress looks on you! ha! mami was right 🙂
    tell people you were born in calicubania and that's why your legs are like that.

  4. Very cute outfit! I love the Texas pin. I'm guessing the tights were also a nod to Texas as well?

    I'm nervous about tights with heels because I always feel like my feet are about to slide out my shoes.

    Your dog is adorable. =)

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