Two Books

The book that broke my heart?
The Fault in Our Stars

Amazing. UH-mazing. A few friends of mine recommended this book. I already knew it was going to be a tear-jerker, so I put it off…but after a few Instagram friends saw it sitting on my nightstand, and got all kinds of excited, I knew I had to do it. So I cracked it open…and fell in love with the main character, Hazel, and her romantic interest, Augustus. The writing style is beautiful and hilarious. I love “the voice,” as one of my friends describes it [Read Kiki’s excellent review here].
The Fault in Our Stars is about two teenagers. Both have struggled with cancer, and are in the process of falling in love. Not your typical love story, folks. Read in private and keep a handful of tissues nearby. This morning? Puffy eyes alert! But such a good cry.

The last book I read was Birthmarked, which I mentioned here.

Birthmarked was pretty good. I am still hooked on dystopian novels, and this book definitely falls into that category
The main character, Gaia, is a midwife, as her mother is. All midwives must hand over the first 3 babies they deliver each month to the interior city within “the wall.” Her parents are arrested, and thus begins her adventure…and questions regarding the baby quota and more are answered…
I will be looking for the sequel, Prized…

p.s. more books i have read and recommend here 🙂



  1. YES! This was meant to be! The universe loves me because this morning I was literally on amazon looking for a book and then look…Roxy saves the day. I'm going to buy The Fault in our Stars right meow!

  2. My copy of The Fault in Our Stars is still on my bookcase – I had meant to read it straight away but I was in the middle of a book – then I moved onto the next book and forgot about it (yup my TBR list is that bad!)

    Determined to read it soon!

  3. Oh my! I've been looking for new reads and lo and behold I stumble across your post! Getting them ASAP. 🙂

  4. Oo I will have to check these out! I read eight books in March (totally thought it was 9, haha. oh well.). I'll be posting about what they were soon, so check it out! 🙂 haha.

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