sleep over!

i am lucky enough to live within 20 minutes of my parents’ house. sometimes i stay over – like if my dad’s out of town, or i haven’t been able to visit as much. we have dinner, maybe take a walk, i sink into the couch, and drink tons of cafe con leche. it is always a relaxing place to be. <3

see? buster is SUPER relaxed ๐Ÿ™‚

something that is not relaxed? my hair.
i forgot my hairbrush and had to borrow my mom’s. it didn’t like me too much.

i leave you with a couple photos hanging in my old bedroom.

                                                                         sweet top!

what is your favorite thing to do at the parentals’?



  1. Hey, random not-having-to-do-with-your-post comment: what lens do you typically have on your camera? It's about new lens time for me and I think I'm going with the something something 1.8 something. I have it written down. Clearly.

    • at the conference i went to this weekend they said that the generic one it comes with and a 50mm are the best. right now i have a 50mm for my canon [which i love], but my canon died…so i gotta invest in one for my nikon!

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