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In the past couple years, I posted a few home tours when my house was fresh! and new!
Since then, D and I have been itching for change. Some things we had to change fix because of problems that arose…
Do you have dogs? Did you know they like windows? No, they LOVE windows. There is no way to keep Sam away from the front window in our house. In fact, my his chair, is right by the window. And you probably don’t need to be in-the-know to notice how much hatred our four-legged friends have for the postman. Oh yes, that is not just a rumor. Sam even busted through the front window once, so we now have a giant sheet of plexi-glass blocking the actual glass of our window panes. Yeesh. The man who fixed the window actually recommended the plexi-glass because he had the same problem with his large dog. Thank goodness. ๐Ÿ™‚
But I digress. Change in the front room! I am campaigning!

If you are familiar with what a house full of dogs smells like, you know that rugs pretty much absorb and exaggerate all of that. Did I know that? Not until recently. The main difference between my home then and now: we disposed of a giant rug. And now everything looks more spacious and clean and SMELLS great. No more sneezing in the dog front room.

Please note that I have large dogs [read:60 – 100 lbs]. These situations probably don’t arise with smaller and fewer animals…but if they do, please share! ๐Ÿ™‚
Oh, and also share if this has happened to you and your large dog. <3



  1. I want that chair to turn in towards the room for some reason. I'm sure he would still use it for outside viewing…we had 2 50lb dogs for 15 yrs and finally figured out that rugs were a no-no. However I'm still intrigued by FLOR, which you can pick up in squares and wash with water. I know…too good to be true. Perhaps some shrubbery to block his view? ;0)

    • i agree! i would rather it not face directly out, but it always ends up pushed up in that corner no matter what we do ๐Ÿ™‚ i will have to check out this FLOR business ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. It's not just you, for sure! My family has a 15lb bichon/poodle mix who we adopted as a puppy. He was already housebroken and had leash manners, and to this day, the only "bad" thing he's done in our house is tear down some curtains trying to look out the window! Even little dogs can do windows some damage.

  3. they do LOVE windows. my basset mix (about 60lbs) would just jump at ours whenever something walked by. she had her 'chair' just like your pup by the window. one day we put the couch in front of the window, which resulted in my 25 lbs corgi mix sitting on the back of the couch sunning himself like a cat and completely distorting all the cushions.

    anyhow, i love love love your wood floords and beautiful home. and hard wood floors are great for dogs – no caught dander and hilarity ensues 'cause they can't get a grip! my basset is amazing on hardwood floors – she just crashes all the time

    • that chair is a life saver! i think the window would have been broken many more times if sam didn't have a chair there ๐Ÿ™‚
      i wish they were real wood! just laminate… i agree, the skidding is hilarious.

  4. I have 2 dogs (40 and 75 pounds, respectively) and one of them is only obsessed with the window when she thinks someone is outside. We live in a basement apartment, so there are only windows at human waist level and my 75 pound dog likes to billy goat the couch so she can look out the window. The 40 pounder isn't concerned with the window, but her quirk is that she likes to jump over the back of couches. Nothing like minding your own business one minute and having a flying dog land in your lap from over your head the next. Oh, dogs. They keep things interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I have three girls- Polly, a 65lbs coon hound, Lola, a 15lb scottie, and Ella, a 7 pound miniature weiner puppy. That being said- they all LOVE windows. We have a Victorian home, so the front windows are really long and narrow. They all can see out them without a problem. Luckily none have gone through the window (can you imagine a 7 lbs puppy crashing through a window hahahah) but the coon hound has knocked her head into them a few times and made me a little nervous.

    My scottie is the only one that does not like the mailman. like extreme hatred for the poor guy. she is the cutest, sweetest girl..but the mailman – she hates. I originally thought it was because maybe she got scared by him. Again, Victorian home, so we have a mail slot and the mail drops into the hallway. As soon as she hears it open she FLIPS out. whatever is around her she picks up and throws (shoes, toys, her pillow!!) then she runs from room to room growling and throwing anything in her path. It is the most hilarious thing ever to see this sweet little girl turn into crazy dog every morning.

    As for furniture- the couch and chair have become theirs. Right now we dont care because we are renovating the house so the furniture is now old and worn – but I'm going to be scared to switch to anything nice!


    • i am in the same boat! only sam [the largest and most frightening] does not like the mailman. in fact, the day he busted through the window was the last day we had mail for a week. daniel had to call and let usps know it was safe to come to our house again! haha!

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